Let us give you peace of mind..

When purchasing a home or investment property, it is a general rule of thumb that you don’t proceed with a sale with out first conducting a building and pest report. However did you know that a standard building report only checks the bare minimum when it comes to plumbing? Inspectors are not qualified to do extensive checks to ensure there isn’t a tree root embedded in the sewer line underneath a slab – something that will cost you thousands to repair.

What do we check that building inspectors can’t?

  • CCTV Drain Camera to inspect all sewer and storm water pipes
  • Pressure Tests to help identify and underlying issues
  • Checking over the guttering and down pipes
  • Ensuring adequate storm water drainage is in place
  • Checking that all Gas appliances and installation is to code and safe
  • Check over of Hot Water Unit to ensure it is in fine working condition

After completing these checks we will provide you with a detailed report of our foundings, if further works is required we will also provide estimations for you so that you can request repairs prior to sale or utilize these quotations for negotiations of your sale.

How much does this all cost? We charge a flat fee of $300 for our thorough pre purchase inspections, which includes a full report and any additional quotation required.

Give us a call to book in your pre-purchase plumbing inspection today and give yourself some peace of mind! We service the entire Gold Coast!